Japan Cultural & Travel Information Centre (JCTIC) was initiated with a volunteer spirit by founder YUKIO HASEGAWA, as a new approach in promoting tourism and the culture of Sabah and Japan. We hope that it will be of benefit to both foreign and local tourists alike.

The main objective of the JCTIC is to provide useful services to both foreign and local tourists, giving them the opportunity to experience cultural exchange and tourism between Japan and Malaysia.

For the Japanese tourist, our services range from furnishing the latest information on tours, accommodation, festival activities, local arts & crafts through to agricultural products.

For Malaysians who would like to learn about Japanese language and culture we have set up a language and cultural teaching program too.

We offer these course at very affordable rates and also have a membership scheme which gives our members additional benefits such as discounts on our own courses and and free lessons on Japanese Culture such as Japanese tea Ceremony, IKEBANA (flower arrangement) & i-GO (a kind of Japanese chess).

As the centre is founded and run as a not-for-profit organization, corporate sponsorship and contributions from the tourism related business community are needed and encouraged. Contribution in monetary form or volunteering services to the centre from both Japanese and Malaysian Citizens will benefit both Japanese and Malaysian tourists as well as creating a vast business opportunity in tourism related industries in Malaysia.

Yukio Hasegawa - ex Founder & Director of JCTIC